Innovation nilu AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of NILU, which is one of the world’s leading research institutes on climate change, air quality and emission monitoring sciences.

Technology developed at NILU in the form of products and services are sold to the international market through Innovation nilu AS. Innovation nilu functions as a commercialization and sales organ for NILU.

In order to meet the need for equipment for air quality monitoring, Innovation nilu offers the following products:

When a Buyer places an order with the Innovation nilu AS for either Goods or Services, it is placed subject to these Terms and Conditions of Sale: GENERAL SALES TERMS & CONDITIONS

EK Sequential Air Sampler

The EK Sequential Air Sampler collects aerosol and gas in ambient air in a filter pack mounted in a filter holder.

Filter holders

The NILU Filter holder system is designed for sampling of particles and gaseous compounds on impregnated filters in air pollution measurements.

The NILU Filter holder system: Aluminium is designed for sampling microplastics and other compounds sensitive to polycarbonate in air pollution measurements.

Particulate Fall out/Precipitation Collectors

The NILU Particulate Fallout Collector and the NILU Precipitation Collector have been developed to collect representative samples of dry and wet atmospheric particulate fallout for subsequent analysis.

Atmospheric Microplastic Collector

The Atmospheric Microplastic Collector has been developed to collect microplastics in deposition, minimizing contamination risks.

NDL4 Data Logger

With NDL4 NILU introduces an all-in-one data logger with no moving parts.

Air Samplers

Coming soon: our new SeSam sequential air sampler.